13TH - 15TH JULY 2018

Beverley, East Yorkshire, UK

Over the weekend we will be hosting talks, performances and networking events. 

10am-5pm Sat & Sun







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Jonna Nummela is a creative facilitator, performance artist, comedian and writer whose work is grounded in feminist thinking and evolving themes of identity and representation. Originally from Finland, Nummela moved to the UK in 2010 to study Applied Theatre and Education. Working and travelling between the two countries, Jonna is interested in creating international community-led arts projects in as many different locations as possible and generating creative conversations where everyone can have an equal say.

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The Errant Stage is hosted in a big red converted 2006 Iveco Luton van. In it’s previous life the van was owned by Kilter Theatre who toured their immersive show ‘The Last Post’ in it for four years.Kate fell in love with the van almost immediately and as the fates would have it, in January 2017 she jumped on the chance to buy the Luton, and set into motion the team’s vision.  

Check out Kate’s early conversion videos to see how she got on with fibreglassing in freezing February, how the space has transformed on the inside and for continuous updates on the conversion process.The space can host an intimate and enclosed audience of up to 20 people, whilst maintaining a decent 10 x 4 ft performance space, or she can open her doors, double the performing area and have a large open audience area on the ground outside.

Kate Powell is a theatre facilitator and puppet practitioner whose work focuses on the education and liberation of creativity and empathy within communities. 

Inspired by her rural beginnings competing at festivals with her local dramatics groups, her training at university and then into her professional career, Kate believes in using her skills in Drama and Puppetry to help us understand ourselves, our connections and our communities


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