Countdown to the Crowdfunder

Hi Errants,

It's been a while.

After wrapping up at Ventnor we head back to Cambridgeshire and alongside all our other work and projects we have been putting together our Indiegogo Flexible Funding campaign. As it's only five days to go till the campaign goes live, thought it would be a good time to reflect on our approach to crowdfunding.

When you watch our campaign video, we say it straight: we hate asking for money. As practitioners, but specifically as people we value DIY-attitude to the point where the only acceptable way to make something happen is to make it yourself with no help from anyone. Guess I got caught up in the mindset of thinking ahead: dreaming about the moment of standing on the mountain top with all of the haters below me so small and far away I could finally forget their faces. I would have fought my way up there with no help or support and done it my way. But then what? It's cold and lonely on the mountain top if there's no one to share the moment with. What they also fail to tell you is that there's actually a heated glass lift that takes you to the top of the mountain in two minutes...but that's reserved to the white middle class cis hetero men only. #intersectionalfeminism.

What I'm trying to say, is that the only way we get to do things in our way is through the support of our community. This project IS our community. You can't get more DYI than that.

Please, share our campaign when it goes live. Our target is ambitious £15,000 but it's flexible funding so we keep what we make even if we wouldn't reach the ultimate target. Share our hashtag #redvancan on your social media and start conversations about the future of the arts in the UK and abroad.

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